Virtual Races & Challenges to Help You

Our unique features make virtual races and challenges unlike anything you've ever seen

How We Can Help You

Runner Looking for Competition

Our virtual races equalize all results no matter what course you run and offer in-app competition during the race so you can feel that sense of competition even though it's virtual. Learn more about our unique features and how we can help.

Just Getting Into Fitness

Our unique challenges will help you take small steps with your fitness that not only give you a plan/goal for each day, but rewards and motivation to stick through the rough patches. Learn more about our unique features and how we can help.

Need a Little Extra Motivation

If your fitness seems to be "on and off again" our races and challenges can give you the consistency you need to stay on track by giving you something to chase each day and fun ways to track your progress. Learn more about our unique features and how we can help.

Spice Up Your Training

Compete with friends, chase rewards, challenge leaderboards and get that community feel from fitness you've been missing. Our challenges and virtual races help provide a little spice to your training. Learn more about our unique features and how we can help.

Athletes Love Us

I love the challenges and how they make training so much more fun and rewarding. I've done 3 challenges already and I already can't wait for the next!


Uploading results and tracking for races and challenges is easy.

You can use our app, use almost any fitness tracking app or device to import your data, or you can upload manually.

Within each challenge and race we have a how-to guide.

Once you signup, you’ll have access to our web and mobile application. You will set your password at signup.

Once registered for any event, you will see the event in your dashboard.

Each event and challenge has its own cost, but we try to keep them as affordable as possible.

We also allow you to pick and choose your add-ons so you only have to pay for what you want.

Finally, we do have a yearly membership that allows unlimited registration to as many races and challenges as you like throughout the year.

Yes, you can register for multiple challenges or multiple races.

You can use the results and data to make progress towards each challenge individually or all at once.

For races, yes you need to run or walk.

For challenges, you’re free to use any type of exercise you want. We also have support for non-endurance activities like strength training, yoga, etc.

You can indicate what type of activity you’re doing when you upload.

For races, there will be a time window by which you need to submit your results. The window is typically 2-3 days and is clearly shown in the event page and emailed to you.

For challenges, you can take as long as you want to complete, there is no time limit.