About Us

Learn more about our team and how our vision to help athletes stay motivated developed into the Fitually events you see today.

Jeff Gaudette

Jeff has been a life-ling runner and lover of fitness. In his younger years, he competed professionally as an elite runner and then spent 8 years as the CEO of RunnersConnect, which provides custom training schedules for runners of all levels. As the CEO if Fitually, he's excited to help more athletes make fitness a daily part of their lives.

Karen Huerta

As a mother of 4 children, Karen knows first-hand just how difficult it can be to stay motivated with training when life gets busy. Karen has always had a passion for the gym and nutrition, even when the house gets hectic. As head of brand for Fitually, Karen hopes she can use her experience to inspire busy athletes around the world to stay on track with their goals.

Our story

Fitually was started after seeing the need give athletes more motivation to stick with their training when motivation started to wane. Whether it be new athletes hitting plateaus or competitive athletes needing a goal to focus on, we knew there was more that could be done to make daily fitness more fun!

We also saw a need to have more competitive and fair virtual races as they became more popular. We believed there was a way to make virtual races just as awesome as real events, with fair results regardless of where you run, a feeling of competition in a virtual environment, and results you can trust.

And that’s how Fitually was born! We believe we’ve created an amazing platform for you to quench your competitive thirst, stay motivated regardless of what level of athlete you are, and have more fun with your training!