Are Your Ready for the Challenge?

Jeff Gaudette

Grand Canyon Challenge

Each day you exercise progresses you along the 280 mile route down the Colorado river. This online challenge is perfect for maintaining focus and motivation

How It Works

Registering and completing in a virtual challenge is easy

Register For The Challenge You Want

Simply pick the race you want (here are our events), scroll to the bottom to choose your option (based on what frills you want). This will register you for the challenge. Takes about 5 minutes

Exercise Like Normal (and Hopefully More)

Use your favorite tracking watch or app or use our free one to record your daily exercise activity. Our app can be used in conjunction with your normal tracking to provide even more features related to your challenge as you train.

Upload Your Daily Activity

Upload your daily activity with an easy one-click sync of your fitness tracker or our app. Then watch yourself progress along the challenge map, see the landmarks and checkpoints, and see the progress of your friends.

Reap the Rewards!

Show off your hard-earned bling after completing the challenge, compare your stats to that of your friends, and start thinking about the next challenge you'll conquer!


Uploading your distances towards a challenge is easy.

You can use our app, use almost any fitness tracking app or device to import your data, or you can upload manually.

Within each challenge you are signed up for, you’ll have an upload page. From there, you can sync activities from your connected devices and apps with a simple click or you can manually upload activities.

Once you signup, you’ll have access to our web and mobile application. You will set your password at signup.

Once registered for any event, you will see the event in your dashboard.

Each event and challenge has its own cost, but we try to keep them as affordable as possible.

We also allow you to pick and choose your add-ons so you only have to pay for what you want.

Finally, we do have a yearly membership that allows unlimited registration to as many races and challenges as you like throughout the year.

Yes, you can register for multiple challenges or multiple races.

You can use the results and data to make progress towards each challenge individually or all at once.

For challenges, you’re free to use any type of exercise you want.

We also have support for non-endurance activities like strength training, yoga, etc.

You can indicate what type of activity you’re doing when you upload.

You can take as long as you need or want to complete each challenge, there is no time limit.

Some challenges are a little shorter and some are a little longer in distance so how long each one takes is variable.

We will ship out your completion medal as soon as you complete the challenge.

Shipping time will vary depending on where you’re located, but we do ship world wide.

Medals are not automatically included when you register for a challenge on the yearly program. This is simply due to cost.

However, we will have them available to purchase “at-cost” within the challenge itself (meaning you pay the price we pay). The exact price will depend on the challenge (each medal cost us a different amount to produce), but will be as cheap as we can make it.