Spice up your training

Getting a little bored with training? Need a new challenge to focus on? Want to make your running a little more social? Whatever you need to reinvigorate your training, our challenges and virtual races can help. 

Why You'll Love Our Challenges & Races

Make Results Fair No Matter What Course You Run

We know one drawback of virtual races is that courses are not the same. Well, now they are! Our patented course equalizer feature recalculates results with elevation and weather equalized for everyone.

Get Real Competition While You're Racing

Our Competition Mode feature allows you to see where other racers are in relation to you during the race so you know when you’re catching someone and when you’re getting passed. Plus, get cheers from friends and family.

See Your Progress Along the Challenge Route

Each activity you log will progress you along the challenge course map to help you visualize your progress. When available, you’ll even be able to see landmarks you’ve passed, special checkpoints, and what the view would like if you were really there.

Awesome Medals and Prizes

Earn awesome medals once you complete the race. Our medals are stunning, heavy weight and have unique designs for each and every race. These medals are guaranteed to stand out in your medal collection!

Connect With Your Favorite Fitness Tracking Apps

Along with our free Fitually tracker, you can import data from your favorite training device. We are always working to connect and add compatibility for additional devices

Results You Can Trust

By requiring real GPS data, using historical analysis, and applying our patented formula, we’re able to make sure the results everyone submits are real and verifiable, ensuring you accurate race results.

Feel That Pre-Race Excitment

We know how important that sense of community during a race is to the entire experience. Our leaderboards, groups, and challenges all help foster the excitement of in-person races.

Challenge Your Friends

You can challenge your friends to compete in a challenge against you or work together and share the load during a long challenge. Plus, we have leaderboards and groups to make this awesome challenge even more fun!

Here's a Few of Our Events

Jeff Gaudette

Grand Canyon Challenge

Each day you exercise progresses you along the 280 mile route down the Colorado river. This online challenge is perfect for maintaining focus and motivation

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Jeff Gaudette

Gobble Till We Wobble 5k Turkey Trot

November 25-29
Your Thanksgiving running tradition doesn’t have to end in 2020. Compete with other turkey trotters all over the US with this fun, virtual race that will offer unique prizes and fun for anyone in your family that wants to run.

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Jeff Gaudette

Healthy Santa 10k

December 21st-30th
The holiday’s are here and that means getting in those precious miles and training sessions gets even more difficult. Our Healthy Santa 10k is the perfect opportunity to keep yourself motivated and give you something to keep getting you out the door when life gets hectic.

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Jeff Gaudette

2020 Sucks 21k

December 30th – January 2nd, 2021
It’s time to show 2020 the door and kick off 2021 with a bang. Compete and celebrate the new running year with other runners across the globe as we host the first running event of 2021!

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Jeff Gaudette

Solidarity Half Marathon

February 4th -8th

Together apart is a rallying cry across the globe during this pandemic and the Solidarity Half Marathon is designed to help runners regain a sense of normalcy when in-person races are cancelled.  While we may have to race apart for the time being, that doesn’t mean we can’t come together to compete, test ourselves, and try to get back some of that racing magic.

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Jeff Gaudette

Just-In-Case Virtual Marathon

March 19th – April 19th
With in-person events still up in the air, we wanted to have a just-in-case option for runners across the world where they could test themselves with real competition and equal results, no matter where they were. This month long marathon gives you that peace of mind that your training won’t go to waste.

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Uploading results and tracking for races and challenges is easy.

You can use our app, use almost any fitness tracking app or device to import your data, or you can upload manually.

Within each challenge and race we have a how-to guide.

Once you signup, you’ll have access to our web and mobile application. You will set your password at signup.

Once registered for any event, you will see the event in your dashboard.

Each event and challenge has its own cost, but we try to keep them as affordable as possible.

We also allow you to pick and choose your add-ons so you only have to pay for what you want.

Finally, we do have a yearly membership that allows unlimited registration to as many races and challenges as you like throughout the year.

Yes, you can register for multiple challenges or multiple races.

You can use the results and data to make progress towards each challenge individually or all at once.

For races, yes you need to run or walk.

For challenges, you’re free to use any type of exercise you want. We also have support for non-endurance activities like strength training, yoga, etc.

You can indicate what type of activity you’re doing when you upload.

For races, there will be a time window by which you need to submit your results. The window is typically 2-3 days and is clearly shown in the event page and emailed to you.

For challenges, you can take as long as you want to complete, there is no time limit.

Athletes Love Us

I love the challenges and how they make training so much more fun and rewarding. I've done 3 challenges already and I already can't wait for the next!