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Module 1Calculating Your Hydration Needs+
Unit 1The Importance of Electrolytes and Hydrating Correctly
Unit 2Hydration and Electrolyte Calculator
Module 2Fueling for the HM+
Unit 1Why You Might Not Need a Gel
Unit 2Half Marathon Fueling Prescription
Module 3Fueling Plan for the Marathon+
Unit 1The Importance of Glycogen During the Marathon
Unit 2Race Fueling: Glycogen Calculator
Unit 3Marathon Race Day Fueling Plan
Unit 4UCAN Glycogen Calculator
Module 4Fueling for the Ultra Marathon+
Unit 1Ultra Marathon Carbohydrate Calculator
Unit 2Ultra Marathon Fueling Prescription
Unit 3What about protein and fats for fueling
Unit 4Should You Become a Fat Adapted Runner
Module 5General Fueling Questions and Information+
Unit 1Carbohydrate Absorbtion
Unit 2How Many Calories Can the Body Handle When Racing
Unit 3Which is the Best Fueling Option: Gels, Chews, or Fluids
Unit 4Do you need protein in your race day fuel?
Module 6How to Practice and Perfect Your Fueling Plan+
Unit 1How and Why to Practice Your Nutrition Strategy in Training
Unit 2Teaching Your Body How to Burn Fat More Efficiently
Unit 3Which Runs to Practice Marathon Fueling
Unit 4How to Practice Your Long Run Nutrition Correctly
Module 7Mastering the Taper+
Unit 1Adjusting Your Fueling Plan for the Heat
Unit 2Important Tips and What to Watch our For During the Taper
Unit 3How to Carbo-Load Properly
Unit 4Nutrition Starting 48 hours From Your Race
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